Sports Injuries

From the backyard novice to the professional athlete sports injuries happen to just about everyone.  The majority of these sports injuries are injuries to the soft tissue, i.e. muscles, tendons, ligatments.  These injuries arise from incorrect motions and techniques to poor body biomechanics.  Because of these reasons chiropractic relief and rehabilitation for sports injuries has become increasingly popular.  From treatment and prevention chiropractors are able to rehabilitate, restore and strengthen athletes to keep them functioning at their best.  But why?

Chiropractors have extensive education and training on the muscles and biomechanics of the body.  They understand movement and motion as it relates to proper and improper functioning.  They use this education to properly rehab and strengthen the athlete to get them moving better than ever.  Chiropractors use safe, non-invasive, non-surgical techniques such as adjustments, physical therapy, diet and nutrition, stretching and exercising, and soft tissue mobilization to not only eliminate pain but also fix the problem.

By treating the cause of the pain or injury chiropractors are and an essential part of keeping the athlete in optimal form.

Minimizing the Risk of Injury

Chiropractic care is not only exceptional in the treatment of acute and chronic injuries but is equally successful in preventing future injuries when regular care is received. Why is chiropractic care so effective in sports? Simply, chiropractic focuses on the cause of the deficiency or injury and not just the symptoms. All sports experts agree that pain relief alone in the management of sports injuries is not enough. Only treatments like chiropractic which deal with all aspects of the athlete – sufficient warm-up, proper technique, correct biomechanics, proper conditioning, optimizing balance and coordination, optimizing reaction times, correct management of existing injuries, optimal diet and nutrition, adequate rest, positive mental attitude, etc. – will allow the athlete to excel and avoid detrimental injury. According to an article in a 1997 issue of the Backletter, “Athletes are going to breakdown if they put high physical demands on a system that has function deficits & adaptive changes. 80% of reinjuries in sport occur within one month of going back-”

A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness demonstrates the necessity of correct spinal biomechanics. Examiners followed 52 high level soccer and rugby players for 2 years to assess the relationship between injuries and body mechanics. Using photographs along with grids they were able to document the most common body mechanic deficiencies. The following lists the top 5 deficiencies:

  • scoliosis
  • excessive lumbar curve
  • excessive thoracic curve
  • sway back
  • shoulder asymmetry

At the end of the 2 years, the most common injuries were back injuries, affecting 24 of the 52 athletes. The incidence of injury was linked to the body mechanic defects associated with the site of injury. The researchers concluded that their results strongly suggest that treating biomechanical deviations would dramatically reduce the risk of high level athletic injuries.

In addition to correcting biomechanical faults, chiropractic care has been scientifically shown to stimulate and correct the functioning of joint proprioceptors. The proper firing and functioning of these joint proprioceptors are essential for eliciting subconscious spinal reflexes that alter muscle action to control posture and complex movements. This provides functional stability which is essential for the prevention of injuries in the athlete.

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