Enzyme Nutrition Therapy

Dr. Jared Newman is one of very few in Southern California who hold the Internal Health Specialist certification.  An Internal Health Specialist is a health care practitioner who recognizes the homeostatic balance of the internal tissues and the influences of stress upon them. He helps sick people get well.  He consults with them to find out what everyone else has missed.  Even after they have met with five or six doctors and specialists.   He recognizes and removes the mechanical and/or visceral (organ) dysfunction that is exhausting the body’s ability to maintain its normal functions.

The key to nutrition is digestion. If the body does not digest food properly than the body is incapable of absorbing the nutrients needed to sustain life. If the body doesn’t receive the proper nutrients then the body is placed under stress which forces the body to adapt to its new conditions which can lead to disease under prolonged stress.  Enzyme nutrition is aimed at supplementing the body with enzymes, which may be deficient due to stress and improper nutrition.

All natural and raw foods contain enzymes.  Those enzymes are released through chewing food thoroughly, which allow the body to absorb fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But enzymes are destroyed through the cooking process and many processed foods have their enzymes and vitamins removed to extend shelf life. In many processed foods, the vitamins are replaced but the enzymes are left out. It is a major stress to our body’s digestive system when we eat foods that are lacking in enzymes.  Supplemental enzymes can reduce stress on the digestive system and enhance absorption of nutrients.

It is only when the body is properly nourished that it is possible that the body’s inherent ability to self -heal can protect and fight against disease.

Enzyme Nutrition may help people who suffer from conditions such as:

          •Headaches/Migraines          •Fatigue          •Heartburn/Indigestion

          •Weight Trouble                   •Diabetes        •Hypothyroidism

          •Constipation/Diarrhea         •Eczema          •Depression/Anxiety

          •Fibromyalgia                       •Psoriasis        •Sexual Dysfunction

          •Gas/Bloating                       •Asthma          •Sleeping Trouble

 What You Can Expect

The appearance of symptoms occurs as the body becomes exhausted by the accumulation of mechanical, nutritional, or emotional stress. The continuance of stress and exhaustion upon the body lead to degeneration and disease. Dr. Newman will sit down with you for an in-depth consultation to discussion your health problems and how they affect your life. To finally determine what stressors are causing your health problems, the following may be conducted, a Signs & Symptoms Survey, a 24 hour urinalysis to determine nutritional stressors, 3-day food diary and analysis, fasting digestive challenge exam, structural stress exam and blood test if needed. Once Dr. Newman determines your specific stressors, he will place you on a health program that will address the mechanical and nutritional stress related to your problems.

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 Dr. Oz recently had a segment on his show on how digestive enzymes and boost the body’s immunity. 80% of our immune system is located in our gut. If we keep our digestive system working properly with the aide of digestive enzymes, you can be sure that your immune system will be working the way it should….keeping you healthy!

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